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Solid Lotion Stick

Solid Lotion Stick *

Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil & Fragrance Oil (Lavender, White Tea & Ginger, Miss-Behaving, Miami Beach, Brooklyn or Grown & Oh So Sexy, Sandalwood & Patchouli)

Runner's Rub - Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil. Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Lavender, Camphor, Black Pepper, Rosemary & Ginger



Solid Lotion Stick in Lavender & Runner’s Rub
Posted 19th Mar 2023 by Gwen

I purchased the solid lotion stick in Lavender and Runner’s Rub in December, but I’m just getting around to using them. I used the Runner’s Rub one for the first time yesterday on the back of my neck and behind my ears where I have some psoriasis. Let me tell you, one use of it greatly improved the area behind my ears, and it all but cleared up the psoriasis on the back of my neck. I used the Lavender one on my face, and I was very impressed with it as well. I wish she’d make a Runner’s Rub soap. Those ingredients are just what I need for my inflamed skin. I got lots of other goodies from this shop that I am excited to use also.

Great Stuff
Posted 1st Mar 2023 by Deb

I love this product, just wish there were more and more flavors! :)

Soap and lotion stick
Posted 23rd Dec 2021 by Kathy Jansen

I am so happy I found Komfort Zone! I love the soap and the lotion stick is like butter on my skin. I purchased some for my daughter in laws and they love it too. Excited to get more fragrances. I think I will even buy the lavender soap for under my pillow.

Moisturizing stick
Posted 6th Nov 2021 by DaQuesa

Great On-The-Go go or at home. You can’t miss with this nifty stick.

Lavender Body Butter Lotion Stick
Posted 9th Jun 2021 by Gail

Love it, Love it, - Smells good, easy to use and quickly moisturizes the skin . I find myself using the Lavender Butter Lotion Stick through the whole day.

convenient and moisturizing
Posted 10th Aug 2020 by Sasha

I ordered this stick along with 2 bars of soap as my first order. I am in love with how easy this is to use. i rub it on my heels and put on socks right before bed. my daughters like to draw on their tummies after bath then rub it in. everyone in the house is using this and we all smell really good before bed. it also does a very good job of locking the moisture in, even on toddler skin.

Solid Lotion Stick
Posted 18th May 2020 by Jacqueline Tyson-Wright

its my favorite! It's awesome!, easy to apply! Great for gifting!

Runner's Rub
Posted 22nd Jul 2019 by LaVonne S. Jones

Khadijah was correct - this stuff really works and it does not have an overpowering scent like other brands.

Runner's Rub
Posted 27th Jun 2017 by Maria Brown

This product is amazing for people with sore and tight muscles. I use it after my long runs to help with tightness.

So easy to use
Posted 27th Dec 2016 by Sherrie Feger

Besides having such a delightful fragrance, this product is so easy to use. No fuss, no mess-just twist and more comes up to roll on my legs. Makes my legs feel like they've had a spa treatment.

Lavender Body Butter Stick
Posted 29th Jun 2016 by Brenda

I started using the body butter stick because i needed something more natural for my skin. I been using Lubriderm for years. The body butter moisturizes my skin and it feels much softer and the lavender fragrance is very uplifting.

Grown and Sexy Indeed!
Posted 28th May 2016 by DijaB.

I love how emollient and fragrant the stick is. The only drawback is that I didn't order different scents.

Love it!
Posted 28th Apr 2016 by Kim Kingston

I love the solid lotion stick. It is easy to apply, stays where you put it and softens all day or night long. It has a lovely scent, too. I'm happy to give them as gifts.

Miami Beach Lotion Stick
Posted 12th Apr 2016 by Andrea Plunkett

Smells and feels wonderful! Very moiturizing.

Smells delighful and so Easy to Use
Posted 9th Nov 2015 by Sherrie F

Lotion sticks are the best idea I've seen. It makes it easy to use and as a result I use it all the time. Fragrances are delightful.

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