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Coffee Bars


Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Palm and Castor; Shea and Cocoa Butters. Scented with Coffee Essential Oil, Double Strength Coffee and Coffee grounds.


Coffee soap
Posted 25th Jan 2021 by Dianne Barr

I am in love with my new Komfort Zone soaps! The scents are so amazing and the soap is perfection.... hard bar, great lather, excellent on the skin ( even face! ) and sooooo pretty to use ;)

Coffee anyone?
Posted 3rd Aug 2020 by Mona

The aroma of ground coffee in the morning - who doesn't love that? I am not even a coffee drinker, but the scent from this soap is almost intoxicating. The gentle scrub you get from the actual coffee beans embedded in the soap, act like a soft loofah. So go ahead, start your morning right - ditch the caffeine and try this soap!

My Fave
Posted 9th Jan 2017 by Liz

Ive been wanting to buy this coffee bar for sometime now and I can assure you I am not disappointed!

Posted 14th Nov 2016 by Imani

This bar is LIFE! Not only does it awaken your senses with the delicious smell of coffee, it helps clear the skin and even helped with my stretch marks. I will definitely be buying more!

Coffee Bar - Light & Sweet
Posted 13th Mar 2016 by Kim Kittrell

Wow was my first impression...wow! I purchased the light & sweet and it smells like freshly ground coffee so I can't imagine the intensity of the other bar. This bar is definitely great for removing unpleasant scents from your hands. I love the smell but again, it definitely smells like freshly ground coffee.

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Width 3.00
Depth 1.25
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Coffee Bars